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A variety of Plush, dolls and stuffed animals

License House produces plush toys in all shapes and sizes. But also educational dolls and mascot costumes.

Our production is located in South China. Together with our Chinese partner, we take care of the complete production process: design, choice of materials, samples, up to the manufacture and supply of the final product. The plush toys meet the EU and 71 1.2.3. safety standards.

We have many years of experience in manufacturing this product and we are proud to have both national and international theme parks, school publishing houses, sports clubs and media companies in our customer base.

Development of characters and mascots

The development of characters, or mascots, is a profession in its own right. Characters appear in books, films, games, on the internet, as mascots for sports clubs or as actors in theme parks. They often serve as the ambassadors of companies or products. Bringing a character to life demands a lot of creativity and expertise regarding its application in artwork, materials and related articles.


At License House we talk about "Character Merchandising" because for us the development of characters and the production of many articles go together. And whether it is an existing character or a character that has yet to be designed makes no difference.

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