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Developing merchandise lines

Merchandising is a popular tool for commercially exploiting the popularity of a brand, a theme, or a well-known character or person. Merchandise offers cultural institutions a way to generate additional income. Very often this goes hand-in-hand with unique product lines.

Design of 3D character merchandising

Internationally we rank among the best when it comes to converting 2D designs into three dimensions (3D). License House figures, dolls and sculptures are renowned for their precision and detail. In addition to hand modelling, in China we also have the most up-to-date digital design technologies at our disposal.


We offer the possibility of producing a 3D model from model sheets and can also produce versions made of materials including plush, textile, polystone and PVC. Dolls, mascot costumes, figurines, key rings, snow globes, toys, gift packaging ... you name it. We help you with setting-up product lines, marketing strategies, themes and campaigns around characters.

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