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License House offers advertisers concepts for a successful loyalty campaign

License House specialises in the creation of premiums and promotions, whether or not linked to a brand, theme or license. This type of promotion increases consumer loyalty and contributes towards raising awareness of a brand or company.

Promotional licensing offers extra marketing value

A premium is generally a small gift the consumer receives free when he or she buys a product or service. The power of a premium lies in the product’s originality. Premiums and products offer extra marketing value when they are linked to licenses such as Disney, Efteling, The voice of Holland, Obaké or Sesame Street.


We believe that for advertisers who want to use a premium in a sales promotion or to generate additional traffic their shops, a licensed promotional product is very suitable. The benefits:

• attract customers

• encourage visitors to make a purchase

• stimulate people for an action; For example, a market research or requesting or providing certain information 

• encourage customer loyalty

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